Video Editor: The Advocate

I write, edit, and produce original videos for The Advocate that are published and shared across social media and website platforms. See Work →

Co-Producer: Calling All Lesbians

I am the co-producer of Calling All Lesbians, a crowd-funded documentary feature about the ways community is formed and maintained among queer women. We are currently in post production with an anticipated Summer 2017 release. 
See Trailer 1 →

Researcher: Calling All Lesbians

Throughout filming I conducted interviews with over 30 women about issues of identity, friendship, relationship, and community. See Trailer 2 →

Interviewer: Pride Media inc.

I have partnered with The Advocate Magazine and to create video content that adds complexity to public discourse about queer identity. This is an interview I conducted with author and activist Garrard Conley. See Interview

Discussion Facilitator: Pride Media Inc.

This is part one of a 5-part video series exploring the questions, fears, and hopes moms of queer kids have. We started this project after the shooting at an Orlando nightclub to promote conversation between queer people and their mothers. See Video →